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Park warrior is high intensity, functional, circuit based training like no other!

If you’re a fan walking around posing in fancy gyms then warrior probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for training driven by results and you’re willing to give everything in every single session to achieve your goals then you’ve come to the right place!

We can’t help with your looks…but we can certainly make you fitter, faster, stronger, leaner than you ever thought was possible!

You’ll achieve this by using the best functional training equipment on the market, which will be set up and demonstrated before you start, in a circuit based style, carrying out movements like squats, lunges, twists, jumps, pulls, pushes, turns etc.

Equipment such as:park-fitness-training

  • Battle ropes
  • Kettle bells
  • Weighted sleds for pushing/ dragging
  • Viprs
  • Chains
  • Tires and tracks
  • Sand Bags
  • Logs
  • And don’t forget…you!

Warrior is a mixture of both CV and Weight exercises/ stations. They are timed and you work for various intervals on each exercise/ station ranging from ten seconds right up to a minute, you simply do as much as you possibly can on each station in the time set.

With a “little” encouragement from us

At Warrior you’ll be provided throughout with the best possible coaching we have to offer, helping you carry out the circuits in a safe and correct way, the circuits aim to give you a full body workout each and every time, giving you the maximum results possible in the minimum amount of time.park-fitness-training7

You will burn more calories in 20 minutes of warrior then you would in an entire hour sat on a crosstrainer! and you will continue to do so for up to 48hrs after each session! It’s that effective!

Warrior really is suitable for everyone of all fitness levels, from athletes looking to improve performance in their particular sport to new mums looking to shift their baby tummy.

Everyone starts somewhere!

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Why This Is Warrior?

  • Max results in the minimum amount of time – Get ready for your body to change! All exercises and stations have been carefully picked and placed in the circuit to give you maximum results in the shortest amount of time, with noticeable results usually within weeks of joining!
  • Challenge your whole body – No more wondering around the gym deciding which body part to train or what exercise to use, Warrior hits every muscle in the body!
  • Mix of both Cardio & Strength training – Warrior offers both workouts in one session, intense cardio with heavy lifting.
  • Sends your metabolisms through the roof – The benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are well documented. Warrior puts your body into fat burning mode and with the afterburn affect you will carry on burning those extra calories for up to 49hrs after every session!
  • Never waste another minute – No waiting for machines or weights in the gym, No thinking or confusion, just follow the flow and rip in!
  • Try all the latest fitness tools and exercises– With ropes, kettle bells, prowlers, chains, tyres, stones, logs, Viprs and much much more you certainly won’t get bored of the kit at your disposal.
  • Beat gym boredom – Warrior is Flexible, limitless, outdoor and fun

Park Warrior Prices & Timetable

East Park

View Part Warrior – East Park Hull in a larger map

Meeting point: Through the main gates of East Park off Holderness Rd and follow the road around to the right, behind Woodford Leisure Centre. Postcode HU9 3ES

Session Times

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
 6.45pm  N/A  6.45pm  N/A  N/A  8.30am  N/A


Beverley Longcroft School (Upper School)

View Part Warrior – Part Warrior – Beverley Hull in a larger map

Meeting point: Longcroft school (upper school), Burton Road, Beverley, Yorkshire HU17 7EJ. Car park between the Basketball courts and the  All-Weather Floodlit Courts.

Session Times

Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
7.00pm N/A 7.00pm N/A 7.00pm N/A N/A


Park Warrior Prices

Come and experience Park Warrior for the first time absolutely FREE any of our Warrior sessions. Were that confident that once you try it and see and feel how we can help you improve your health and fitness the warrior way, you’ll be back raring to join!

Pay Monthly (Standing Order)

1 Class per week £20
Unlimited Classes £28
Discounted Rate (Unlimited) £20
Joining Fee None


Pay As You Go

6 Session Block £40
Joining Fee None


Price Information

Already tried Park Warrior?

Now that you’ve used your FREE session now’s the time to choose from one of the following membership options.

There are 3 membership options to choose from

Pay Monthly

Unlimited Classes

This is by far the most popular option amongst our current members, this allows you to attend any Warrior classes at any venue at any time and with 5 classes a week currently running it really is great value for money.

This membership option is paid by standing order.

One Class per Week

Busy most nights? Already have other commitments?

Then this may be best for you, this allows you to attend 1 session per week on any day you choose at any warrior venue.

This membership option is paid by standing order.

Pay As You Go

As well as our monthly payment options we offer a pay as you go option. Members using this option may purchase a block of 6 sessions upfront which they may use whenever they like. Perfect for the occasional trainer.

Membership Joining Fees

NONE! No joining fee, No minimum commitments, No hidden charges, No tie ins, No stress

Simply choose from one of the above options, turn up and RIP IN!

Discounted Rates

Discounts available for Students, NHS, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Fire Service, Army and more

Get in touch now to see if you qualify for discounted rates.

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