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Zena Warrior is our ladies only warrior option. Currently at warrior we run 5 mixed classes a week out of both East Park and Costello sports stadium and integrate all people of all abilities and sexes together in these sessions. Although we are aware that some of you female warriors out there may prefer to train in a women only group.

Zena Warrior is an opportunity to mix with like minded female warriors that want to lose weight, “tone up” and get out of the gym and do what Zena Warriors do, away from the sweaty warrior cave men!

These sessions are by no means an easy option!! Don’t be fooled!!

As with park warrior these sessions are in a circuit style, with both weight and cardiovascular stations. The only difference being they are tailored specifically for you female warriors, with suitable weights at every station to save time changing or swapping and with exercises that target those troublesome areas like thighs, upper arms, bums and tums!

These workouts will challenge you and still make you work to your limits without you feeling intimidated or uncomfortable by your surroundings.


Keep checking back for times and updates on zena warrior sessions.

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