Why Warrior 1 To 1 Coaching?

Because we’re different!

I am sick and tired of seeing people, stuck in that hamster wheel, wasting their money jumping from plan to plan or following the latest fad diet. Never getting the results they want or quickly losing them because they still lack that education and knowledge around training and diet.


If you’re looking for another quick fix or another off-the-shelf program, stop reading now.

Then this isn’t for you!


If you are someone who:

Promise yourself you would finally lose weight this year but still haven’t managed to take action or make any progress
Is bored of choosing quick-fix plans that promise results yet NEVER deliver
Has signed up to gyms in the past with zero plan, and quit after a few weeks because the results weren’t worth the effort
Believes they’ve tried everything to lose the lbs, love handles & stubborn back fat but had little to no success.

Then this is for you!

You can finally begin to do something that is going to work for you, help you slowly build your confidence back up, and make you feel proud of the body you’re in.
Or do nothing, continue to feel unconfident and ultimately unhappy with how you look and feel.

Which one are you?

If it’s the latter, then let’s change that today. By grabbing one of our available, 1 on 1 coaching spots.

You’ll soon discover:

A personalised home or gym training plan to help maximise your muscle growth and strip away body fat, so you can look lean and toned, and feel your best!
The ‘No-nonsense nutrition approach’ designed around YOUR lifestyle, even if you’re a super person, who feels like you don’t have time to prep or eat healthy.
The missing physique-changing ingredient that 98% of people DON’T have, but sorely need …Accountability. I’II be in your corner, helping you out and making tweaks, every step of the way.
A personal guarantee that you’ll get my very best levels of coaching and support that have already transformed the lives of over 2,000 people just like you.

My goal is simple


Whether that’s:

Losing that stubborn belly fat that you try like mad to cover up, every time you sit down
To banish those love handles so you can finally wear those thin revealing tshirts or dresses that hug your shape and sides without hugging your belly
Or simply to feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin

So, whats included?

6-week tailored diet plan
6-week tailored online training program (Gym or Home)
15 min Zoom goal setting session
Tailored daily/weekly expenditure, training, and fat loss targets
Weekly face to face zoom check-ins to monitor your progress
Unlimited weekly plan adjustments
Weekly free live Zoom workouts
Facebook community group
Coaching app access
24/7 WhatsApp support
We just need you to add the final ingredient… Effort!

The main difference between this and any of the other programs we offer is that you can start immediately, no need to wait for the next start date and every aspect of this program is tailored.

Lastly, unlike all other programs you’re working with me on a 1 on 1 basis, I’m with you from start to finish throughout your journey, 24/7. To help maximise your results and achieve your goal as fast as possible.



Experience rapid fat loss without extreme diets
Build muscle faster than ever before
Experience a mindset transformation as well as a physical one
Become more educated around your diet, training, and nutrition, eliminating yo-yo dieting
Reach your goals faster than you ever believed possible
Experience all of the above with a huge smile on your face


You struggle to make decisions quickly and decisively
You don’t follow instructions well
You are looking for a quick fix
You are not willing to invest in your own health and personal development
You constantly make excuses

If you’ve read the above and love the sound of it, JOIN NOW!

Sign up in a few easy steps:

Pay for your 1-2-1 Coaching package
After payment, you’ll be directed on your on-boarding questionnaire
Finally, book your 15 min Zoom ‘Goal Setting Session’ with Iain
6 week 1 to 1 coaching


Or 3 x monthly payments with Klarna

12 week 1 to 1 coaching

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monthly 1 to 1 coaching


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